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About Dok Simon [Blogging Engage]

About Me "Dok Simon"

I don't really have much to write about myself. Because I believe that written words cannot really describe me to your satisfaction.

You can not really tell more about someone probably from a long distance until you get up close and personal.

My name is DOK Simon, A lot of times, friends do call by DOK. I am exactly what you see in the picture, Am just me and I love being me.

Am a song writer, Gospel Singer and Rapper, I guess one of this days you would be hearing from me :) Most definitely.........

Am a Christian by religion not withstanding the critics in life I still believe that my God can do something about everything.

Favourite Bible quote
My favourite Bible quote is Mark 12:30 and 31 .... I love this quote because this quote if truly accomplished by all GOD creature would make the world a better place and draws us closer to GOD without hesitation. It would make us at one peace with GOD the Creator of everything..... I wish I could explain more .... want to know how and why it is my favourite quote please get in touch with me and lets chat.....

My Hobbies
My hobbies are Writing, lyrics or probably an article, singing and rapping All Gospel,  I love playing Fifa with friends and family so I usually play tournament to those of you who have ever play FIFA on Xbox, PC or PS you would have an Idea of what am talking about. I love to play puzzle when am less busy and like watching movie ( Seasonal movie) and my favourite is Arrows and Tomorrows People... I always enjoy making new friends so am excited when new friends come my way. I see it as a blessing from GOD. So you are mostly welcome to be my friend.

About Blogging
Talking about my blogging life, I have not really been so old in it. I Officially started blogging in 2013 precisely June. Even though I have being blogging from high school  and am yet to learn more and share more of what I know.I love to blog a lot because that is the only way I can best express myself and offer my services to help friends like you and others out there..... I love to get my hands in all things as possible as I can.

there is a saying that the information you consider as nothing to you could be an advance information that would help someone else...

I happen to be the admin and the main editor of this very blog called Blogging Engage.  the main aim of this blog is to share with people from all corners of the earth the principle attached to blogging tips, tutorials , widget, a little search engine optimization that I know works perfectly, this blog is also here to share smartphone apps and games, computer games and software. A long side featuring business and career tips that would help get ourselves equipped with the business world. as it demands.

Currently I am not the only author of the blog there are few authors on board that have decided to join Blogging Engage and share their blogging and business experience. And I just happen to be the main editor and the Admin. You can become an author here too just check this out

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